Aluminium-wooden windows

Wood with aluminum

Efficiency and environmental friendliness combined into one.
Outside - impervious aluminum to weather influence, inside - a cozy atmosphere with natural wood.

Wood as organic material contributes by its biological properties for maximum comfort and a pleasant indoor climate. It provides optimal sound and thermal insulation. Wood is an environmentally friendly material and meets the requirements for a healthy lifestyle.
The aluminum on the outer side of the window serves as protection from weather impact and thus eliminates any need for maintenance of the wood underneath.

The aluminum system used in the manufacture of this type of windows is by Gutman - Germany. It was developed entirely for the type of wooden windows that are produced by our company.
Thanks to the system of separated surfaces and the way the two materials are connected, such windows provide maximum thermal insulation, sound insulation and protection against moisture.
Wooden windows with aluminum have a very captivating appearance. Through the individual choice of the type of wood, the inner side of the window provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere and becomes a piece of the interior.

The aluminum frame from the outside is painted in a color according to RAL. Besides, the color solution may be in harmony with the facade paint.
Wooden windows with aluminum can be installed in both old and the new buildings in the process of construction, which allows for the effect of new architectural solutions.

Wooden windows with aluminum can remain beautiful and functional for a lifetime.

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