Winter gardens

New by "I-Dial" - Suspended glass facades and winter gardens

Suspended glass facades and winter gardens made from composite wood profiles.

The system is a classical mullion-transom suspended facade made of a wooden bearing structure in combination with aluminum profiles, which are placed on rubber gaskets and the insulated glass is fitted within. The exterior of the facade can be finished with decorative caps, dry or silicone joints.
The use of bearing wooden profiles has a number of advantages over traditional aluminum and steel structures:
- Much better heat and sound insulation
- Very narrow visible sights of 50 mm Profile
- No linear expansion of the profiles
- Excellent vision and genuine feeling of comfort, which is provided by the natural material.
The integration of triple insulated glass with maximum values ??of heat and
noise insulation is possible. The heat transfer coefficient of the structure, made of quality glass can reach U = 0.8 W/m2K.
Wood lovers can safely enjoy the warmth and comfort of the winter garden, while it is snowing or pouring with rain outside. Wooden profiles can be tinted in various colors with varnishes and oils which preserve the vision and charm of the wood, or they can be painted in rich RAL colors.